Create a Spa-like Experience at Home

Amba Poolside Rack

Now more than ever before, our homes have become our treasured sanctuaries. Taking a stress reliever for even 10 minutes a day can help make anyone feel better. Enjoying the amenities of a spa-like experience in your bathroom can be an easy transformation without breaking the bank or hiring a contractor.

A few ideas include incorporating a dry brush to exfoliate, purchasing a bamboo fiber towel, and spa-style robe and slippers.

Even installing an affordable towel warmer will quickly make your bathroom oasis feel more like a spa. If DIY is not an option for you, these heated racks can be installed by a contractor in less than two hours. A warm towel is so comforting and reduces mildew, lessens your laundry loads and reduces your energy consumption.

Amba Products offers affordable, easy to install towel warmers with more than 150 models available in a variety of finishes, including the new matte black trend that was one of the key themes at this year’s IBS/KBIS trade show.

plants around the bathroom

Spa enthusiasts also recommend placing plants around the bathroom and lighting a candle to simulate the spa-like experience. With little effort you can redesign your bathroom to unwind and relax.