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About Us

America’s Resource on Homeownership®

YOUR HOME DIGITAL® developed to be America’s Resource on Homeownership®.

We research and publish comprehensive information that is helpful and valuable to homeowners and those who desire to become homeowners in the future. One of our fundamental purposes is to help people make informed decisions on home matters. We research a wide variety of home services. We seek out and interview home pros from across the U.S. and then provide homeowners with engaging content, emerging product information, new trends, opportunities, and special offers on home products or services.

It is our goal to publish the most reliable and helpful information we can find in each home service category, and to provide cost-saving opportunities for consumers to evaluate. We also publish a Blog page, Your Home Study featuring articles from leading U.S. writers who have covered home-related topics for more than 20 years.

We do not charge visitors to access our site, nor do we require visitors to register. We do not limit searches to a single zip code of content. Our visitors can view local, regional, or national home products and services, including special offers and opportunities.

We do not capture and sell information about our visitors. No unsolicited calls or emails will result from your visit to Our purpose is genuine. We’re a FREE resource for people who want to browse, learn, view ideas and gain insight on U.S. home products and services. We’re dedicated to providing our guests with a convenient, comprehensive, informative and valuable experience – with no gimmicks. We’re America’s Resource on Homeownership®.