Emerging Product: Onduvilla Sustainable Roof Tiles

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Lightweight, Durable and Great Designs.

Roofing possibilities today are extensive, from asphalt shingles to concrete or clay tiles, slate, metal, and even living green (sustainable) roofs lined with plants which may work if you have a flat roof. There are also some interesting new materials on the market that may offer countless benefits. One of the most interesting is Onduvilla sustainable tiles by Onduliane North America. Here’s a quick emerging product preview:

Cost value. The tiles cost about the same as quality asphalt shingles. Since they can be laid over existing asphalt shingles, they’re a relatively easy product for most roof installers to lay, which also eliminates the labor to remove original materials. Know your town’s regulations regarding roofing materials since some don’t permit more than two roofing layers. One layer is fine in most cases.

Sustainability. They’re a green product, made from 50% post-consumer reused materials, which appeals to homeowners who want to keep more materials out of landfills;

Light weight. They’re affordable to transport because of their lightweight.

Color range. They come in an array of landscape-inspired colors that look good with facades of most homes and shutters as well as a yard’s landscaping with choices of green, sienna brown, terracotta, gray, black, and red. “They’re an economical way to have a roof look distinctive in your neighborhood,” says Parker Plaisted, Director of Marketing.

Durability. With cleaning and weather some shingles lose mineral granules but with these tiles the colors are painted on with a durable acrylic that won’t come off. In addition, the tiles themselves stand up well to strong winds because of how their exposed sections are fastened to the roof. When the company ran a wind test at the University of Maryland’s wind tunnel, the tiles remained intact under 250-mile winds–a category 4 hurricane.

Design efficiency. The tiles, which resemble clay tiles most, are corrugated, which allows cool air to pass through and ventilate an attic or for heat to dissipate versus asphalt shingles that lie flat and can cause a build-up of hot air in the attic which trickles into your home. One caveat: the corrugated feature requires a learning curve to install, so the best roofers to hire are those familiar with metal, ceramic, and clay tile roof installation, says Plaisted.

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