Brian Smith

Brian is a former Navy Officer who has moved over 15 times, so he understands home buying! In 2010 Brian settled in Miami. He has a keen understanding of the emotions tied to finding a residence. He is dedicated to making your dreams reality. Whether you’re considering a primary home, vacation home, or investment property purchase, Brian is prepared to guide and assist you. Brian has an engineering degree and an MBA in marketing, so he has the ideal skill set to execute a winning process for your real estate project, whether you’re buying or selling property. When Brian is not selling real estate, he enjoys family time, cooking, dancing to Latin music, golfing, or riding his ElliptiGO, Outdoor Elliptical and he regularly bicycles through the Venetian Islands and South Beach. Brian volunteers at Camillus House, a local organization providing humanitarian services to indigent and homeless people in Miami.

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Luxury Home Buyers Flock to South Florida

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Luxury Home Buyers Flock to South Florida

Luxury home buyers flock to South Florida for many reasons, including warm weather, culinary delights, views, beaches, art, yachts, and more. There are more than 2700 re-sale condos currently on the market between Sunny Isles and South Miami, priced at over $1 million. There are also about 350 condos to choose from with prices above.....

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