Top Five Reasons to Use a Complete Roofing System

Integrity Roof System

For most homeowners, replacing a roof is a big deal. Roof replacement is the biggest home repair expense many homeowners will face, so it is important to purchase a roofing system that is durable, reliable and consistent in construction. After choosing a capable and licensed roofing company to do the work, choosing a complete roofing system is the most important decision the purchaser can make to ensure a well-functioning, long-lasting roof. Using a complete roofing system designed by one manufacturer ensures all the elements of the roof (underlayments, starter shingles, hip and ridge caps, roof shingles and ridge vents) work together like a finely tailored suit. CertainTeed® offers a complete Integrity Roof System that give homeowner’s piece of mind.

Here are the top five reasons you should go with a complete roofing system.

  1. Strength in Unity – From the underlayments to the shingles, roof manufacturers design their system components to work together as a unit. Having a complete roofing system ensures the most-critical areas of the roof are protected from leaks and that attic ventilation is properly configured, improving roof longevity.
  2. Warranty Considerations – In the rare case an individual roofing system component fails, it is easier to be made whole if the components are made by the same manufacturer. Roof components are meant to work in concert and it is sometimes difficult for an adjuster to pinpoint which manufactured component caused roof failure. A unified system avoids this headache.
  3. Upgrades and Incentives – Complete roofing systems often offer stronger manufacturer warranties to the homeowner, sometimes adding another five or 10 years of warranty coverage when compared to piecemeal roofing systems.
  4. Peace of Mind – When you have a complete roofing system in place, you can rest assured that every component will work as intended, particularly the parts of the roof you can’t see.
  5. Save Time and Money – A unified roofing system that includes starter shingles, underlayments, roof shingles, hip and ridge accessory shingles, and balanced ventilation will ultimately save the homeowner money and time by reducing the likelihood of repair calls after installation. A patchwork of roof parts may save money upfront, but will ultimately cost more to fix down the road if any part of the system fails.

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