Smart Home Security from Nest and Ring

Smart Home Security from Nest and Ring

Home security systems used to be the domain of just a handful of companies that would install cameras and remotely monitor them for a monthly fee. These days, residential security has become big business for numerous providers. Both Nest and Ring recently announced their latest full home security systems.

Nest programmable protection

Just as "Kleenex" became synonymous with facial tissues, "Nest" is the name most people know as the company that produces thermostats that learn your typical temperature preferences and adjusts automatically. Nest Labs, producers of one of the most user-friendly programmable thermostats, recently expanded their line of products with a smart home security system called Nest Secure. The Nest Secure system includes the Nest Secure alarm system, the Nest Hello video doorbell and the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera.

The alarm system has a security base, the Nest Guard, with the alarm, keypad and a motion sensor; Nest Detect, a battery-powered sensor that detects motion and when a door or window is opened or closed; and a Nest Tag fob for a keychain to arm and disarm the system without a passcode. The alarm system can be operated either through the fob, a code on the Nest Guard or through the Nest app, which allows remote control. Homeowners can use the app to receive notifications and reminders to turn on the alarm and to monitor the system. The entire system has battery back-up and an optional cellular backup system.

Nest is also introducing a Video Doorbell that works with your smartphone and an outdoor security camera that works with Google Assistant.

The Nest Secure system can be pre-ordered now and will ship in November. The "starter pack", available at and Best Buy, is priced at $499 and includes the Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags. If you want to add a Nest Cam outdoor camera, the package comes to $598. You can also buy individual cameras for $349 or $598 for two and purchase extra Nest Detects for $59 each and Nest Tags for $25.

Competition from Ring security

The Ring video doorbell system is already well-known for its capability to connect with your smartphone so you can answer the door (or not) whether you are home or away. Now the company is expanding the security measure of the video doorbell with a complete security system.

Called Ring Protect, this system has a base unit, door and window sensors and motion detectors. The system can be connected to your Ring video doorbell and security cameras. Like the Nest system, this system has battery backup and an optional cellular backup so your system will work even if the power goes out or your internet goes down. The company also says they will charge just $10 per month for monitoring. Nest will also provide monitoring but has not announced how much it will charge for the service.

Ring Protect starts at a lower price point than the Nest system, at $199 for the base unit, one sensor and a motion detector. If you want to add more sensors, each will cost $20. Additional motion sensors will cost $30 each.

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