Next Generation Home Security

Ooma Home Security

Smart phone technology allows us all to work anywhere and to communicate via phone, text, email and Facetime. Smart home devices like Amazon’s Echo system allow us to instantly control our music and connect with other devices to control our lights, our room temperature and more. And you can use a Nest thermostat to automate your home’s temperature without needing to constantly program it.

Now Ooma offers the ability to tie all of your smart devices together for home protection and communication services whether you are at home, your office or traveling around the world. Ooma Telo, an Internet phone service, recently added home security and Internet security features to their existing services.

Start with Internet phone calls

To access the home security features, you’ll need to be an existing Ooma Telo customer or sign up for the phone service. The phone service offers free calling throughout the United States and inexpensive international calls, has caller id and call waiting, plus it includes a mobile app that you can use to check the status of your home when you are away.

Ooma’s CEO Eric Stang says these next generation home monitoring systems can use remote capabilities to check on your home and react to situations such as a break-in, a carbon monoxide leak, a flood, a fire or a water leak.

The Ooma Home Monitoring system can remotely trigger a call to your local 911 system in an emergency. Unlike calling directly from a cell phone, the call from the Ooma system will automatically send your home address to the 911 operator, saving time that could be essential in an emergency.

"Ooma Home Security joins our recently announced Ooma Internet Security as two new Ooma-branded smart home services offered to our large base of Ooma Telo customers," says Stang. "Integrating Ooma Home Monitoring with Remote 911 gives our customers even greater security and convenience."

Watching over your home and your pets

The Home Monitoring system can be integrated with up to 100 sensors in your home, so if you have a large property you can still keep track of every corner. The system connects your home to the Internet through a centralized hub that you can easily customize for your needs.

The next upgrade to the Home Monitoring system, coming soon, will include a storm watch program that automatically knows about incoming storms and can make adjustments to protect your house even if you’re not there.

The system will also provide daily reports on the status of your home and allow you to monitor what your pets are doing when you’re not there.

Pricing information

All Ooma Telo customers will receive the Ooma Home Monitoring service free for the first sensor, which can be either a door sensor, a window sensor, a motion sensor or a water sensor that monitors for leaks and flooding. Ooma Basic customers can subscribe to the Home Monitoring system for $5.99 per month for each additional sensor. Ooma Premier customers can use the monitoring service at no additional cost. The door and window sensors cost $24.99, the water sensor costs $29.99 and the motion sensor costs $34.99.

"Ooma’s unique hybrid cloud platform is ideally suited to enable new innovative services including our new Home Security service," says Stang.

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