kathy ireland® Worldwide Home Portal Flourishes

kathy ireland Worldwide Home Portal Flourishes


The One-Stop Shop for Anything and Everything Home®

It’s been another tremendous year for business mogul, Kathy Ireland. Her global business, kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) continues to reach new heights across multiple business verticals, many in the home products domain. kathy ireland® Worldwide climbed from #26 to #15 in the world in 2021, according to License Global, hitting $3.1B in combined retail sales.

Since announcing their partnership with Your Home Digital LLC, publisher of YourHome1Source.com, Kathy Ireland says the "Anything and Everything Home®" portal has gained significant traction as a resource leader for home owners and home buyers, and a dynamic digital agency, providing innovative content creation and distribution strategies for home industry clients.

Launched in 2015, YourHome1Source (YH1S) offers a unique home-consumer experience. It’s unlike other online home service websites… and that’s precisely what attracted kiWW® to partner and participate with this FinTech/HomeTech start-up.

According to kiWW® CEO, Kathy Ireland, there are a number of factors that set YH1S apart, which offer tremendous value and benefit to home owners and home buyers.

Key aspects of YourHome1Source.com are:

  • YourHome1Source is the nation’s first all-things-home website, covering a variety of home interests and needs
  • Content is not limited to home repair, home listings or mortgage services
  • Visitors are not required to register via email or sign-in via Facebook (no data grabs)
  • Portal is free to browse, and navigating to areas of interest is fast and user-friendly
  • Search tool (top of every page) allows visitors to quickly research any home topic, i.e. Garden, Kitchen, Remodel, Sell a Home, etc.
  • No questions to answer, no roadblocks and no unsolicited emails or calls
  • No pop-up ads or distractions
  • Resource center for home owners and buyers, providing awareness and educational content and videos across many areas of home interest
  • A team of veteran home industry writers research and report each week on home products, trends, and opportunities from home industry leaders and experts across the U.S.
  • Over 300 original short articles to browse, providing insights and tips for homeowners
  • Over 200 short videos on home products, communities and other home topics
  • More than 22,000 outbound resource links, connecting visitors to home product providers, service providers and other resource sites for home-related solutions
  • Included within the site is Your Home SuperStore, featuring discounts and special offers on hundreds of home products and services

kiWW® participates with YH1S on content creation and distribution, focusing on awareness and educational content to benefit home owners. Kathy Ireland serves as Chief Editor and Educator for this growing and innovative platform.

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