Beat the Heat With These Summer Renovations

Install Solar Panels

Now that summer has started, it’s the perfect time to get prepared for the hot weather that comes with it. Setting up a specific space to cool down, investing in a new roof, and ensuring that your home is properly insulated can all help make the summer feel just a bit cooler. Check out these home renovations you can do to help beat the heat this summer.

Install a New Roof

Your first line of defense against the brutal summer heat is your roof. If you have an older roof, heat will get trapped inside the materials and bleed through into your home, causing it to be warmer and increase the amount of energy used to cool it down. A roof that uses heat-reflecting materials can help keep you cool while also saving you money in the long run. If a new roof isn’t a financially viable option for you, look into a reflective solar coating. This option costs less and will still give you the benefit of a cooler home while keeping your existing roof.

New White Kitchen

Invest in Cooler Appliances and Lighting

An unexpected way to help your house cool down is replacing your old, incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient lightbulbs like LED’s. Not only will these new light bulbs produce less heat, they also have the added benefit of using less energy, which can help save you additional money on your monthly bill. You can also try replacing your old appliances with new, updated appliances that offer similar benefits. These new appliances can be an expensive investment so take special care of them and keep up with maintenance to ensure they are working properly. You can also look into a policy such as a home warranty. This type of policy can cover the cost to repair or replace your appliances keeping them protected allowing you to focus on future projects.

Modern Summer Cottage

Insulate Your Home

When we hear the word insulation, we typically think of keeping our home warm, but making sure your home is well insulated during the summer can help keep the overall temperature in your home more comfortable and consistent. Make sure you have your air ducts, attic, and walls properly insulated as this will help keep the cool air inside while using less energy in the process. If you spend the majority of the time indoors, look into wool insulation as it has less volatile organic compounds and can improve the air quality of your home. It’s also important you are choosing the right materials as they play a large role in storing heat. Using a material that has good thermal mass like brick on the exterior of your house can help bring the temperature down while also adding a nice aesthetic.

Modern White Living Room

Use Lighter Colors Throughout Your Home

If you’re looking to change up the color scheme, try using lighter colors for your walls and ceiling. Lighter colors are better at reflecting light and won’t trap as much heat compared to darker color tones. The lighter colors will help brighten up the space while also keeping the room cooler and more comfortable. If your room is getting a heavy amount of sunlight try using heat reflective curtains or shades. Like the lighter colors, the shades will help bounce the heat back and act as a barrier to keep the room cooler.

Summer is an excellent time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. But when the warm weather becomes too much, coming inside to a nice cool, comfortable home is hard to beat. Find the areas of your home that are letting the most heat sneak through and start there so you can ensure you’re comfortable during the summer. Beat the heat, stay cool, repeat!