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Subscription Terms: There is a one-time fee of $49.00 to place your video on Your Home TV. This fee pays for 12 months (one year) of exposure on Your Home TV, which includes cycling of your video on Social Media. You may renew your subscription after 12 months (with the same or a new video) or cancel your subscription at year-end.

Video Campaigns: Your Home TV offers affordable and effective Google Video Campaigns. We’ll place your video in the path of people searching online for your services. Our video campaigns are managed by certified Google Ad specialists, ensuring your video will reach your desired audience, in your specific market (local, regional or national markets). Benefit: You only pay for 30-second+ views. The cost averages 12 cents per view, with a minimum monthly plan of $500.00 and a duration of 90 days. Example: Pay $600.00, receive 5,000 views. We provide Google Analytics monthly to verify video campaign results.

Why Video: Video content is currently twice as effective as banner ads and pay-per-click strategies. The Interaction Rate on video is optimal when videos are 60-seconds or less, include compelling graphics and concise messaging.

Launch Your Campaign: Write to us at