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Home Resources and Double Rewards with Your Home Savings App

by Barbara Ballinger and Margaret Crane


Want to learn all about a particular home service, like what components are included in a home inspection? How about scheduling an inspection for your furnace before the weather turns really cold? At some point you’ll likely research home security systems, shop for home décor or furnishing purchases, and maybe even compare home insurance rates. And yes, eventually you’ll need a reliable mover when you decide to sell your home and move again. Did you know that more than 60% of all these search topics are now done on mobile devices? That’s right. Well now there’s a dynamic new app that covers all home topics – AND – lists rewards at more than 100,000 retail locations across the country. Your Home Savings App lists restaurants, apparel, spas, home improvement, fitness, movie theatres, office supply, recreation and more – that’s all home services and leading U.S. retail outlets – on one app. It’s truly amazing.

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Your Home Savings App was developed by Sionic Mobile Corporation of Atlanta, GA in conjunction with Your Home Digital® in Tampa, FL. Your Home Digital® owns, a leading national resource portal for home buyers and home owners seeking information on home products and services. This super-site lists dozens of home categories featuring home trends, advice, videos, and resource tools like checklists and mortgage calculators, and includes an online superstore. The two companies formed an alliance as each has the same win-win advantages – many products and recognizable value found within one marketplace. Sionic Mobile’s all-merchant platform is the Mobile Rewards Marketplace® (MRM).

Your Home Savings App is a gateway to the MRM, which lists instant savings on home services, and offers rewards on mobile purchases at thousands of U.S. store locations – offering convenience and value to millions of people shopping today via smart phones and mobile devices. The logic is simple: Provide all services on one app, at the nearest locations, and make it easy to shop and earn savings or rewards. What’s more powerful – all rewards are universal, so the rewards can be redeemed at any merchant in the MRM. You do not have to return to the location where the rewards were offered or received.

Ronald Herman, CEO of Sionic Mobile, explains it this way. "Instead of getting the equivalent of a star or some similar system from a retailer, every time you buy a TV or have a repair done, the Mobile Rewards Marketplace gifts you with a percentage of the sale price, providing an immediate payback. The reward percentage is displayed clearly on the app, and varies by merchant. They typically offer rewards from 2 to 17 percent of the total checkout amount." He and four employees founded their business in Atlanta seven years ago after deciding that mobile customers deserved a better return, and method of earning rewards. They made the rewards component transparent from the get-go. As consumers view merchants in the MRM on the app, the percentage of each reward is visible. "Why go to store X that rewards 2 percent when store Y rewards 10 percent, and offers similar quality products?", Herman explains.

Double Rewards? It’s possible. If the credit or debit card used by the consumer, which they link to the app for mobile payments, includes a reward program (and most cards do), this provides consumers with a "reward windfall" when they use Your Home Savings App.

YourHome1Source is the only home-oriented website as a Strategic Alliance Partner with Sionic Mobile. The number of business locations that can be accessed through the Alliance is actually approaching 200,000, according to Herman, but it is exponentially growing. "We estimate it will be at about 2.2 million by the end of 2018, which will give an almost endless pipeline of rewards in everything consumers might possibly want," he says. And because YourHome1Source is a content-rich website, consumers can search by category and read up or watch short videos on any home topic they’re shopping for.

Herman expects that many more mobile shoppers will access Your Home Savings and the Mobile Rewards Marketplace once they try it. It’s easy to navigate, it’s easy to checkout at the time of purchase, and it’s financially rewarding. One recent consumer experience noted by Herman, "a customer went to a big-box store and paid $3,200 for new kitchen appliances with Your Home Savings App and got an immediate 3 percent reward or $96 back. Once he finished his transaction, he turned around and went off to celebrate at a favorite restaurant where he paid for the meal with his reward."

And if he hadn’t known where to go for the appliances, or the meal, Your Home Savings lists all available merchants within a 10-to-15-mile radius, for both selections, as well as more opportunities to save money while shopping.

To download Your Home Savings App, use your mobile device and visit Google Play or the Apple Store. Search for Your Home Savings-Home and Install.


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