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Our History

Our History

Our History Timeline


  • Financial Fitness LLC Formed
  • Development of web services model for the home buying process begins

2008 - 2009

  • As the housing crisis intensifies, research and focus group results reveal our website should focus on educating and informing homebuyers and homeowners
  • Design of begins with the goal of becoming the nation’s first comprehensive resource on buying and owning a home


  • V1 launched
  • Our website provides engaging advice from home service professionals with supporting product information and illustrations introduced, including worksheets, mortgage calculator and pro directory

2011 - 2012

  • Site content expanded to provide homeowner solutions in view of the 2008-2011 housing crisis
  • Home services model expanded to feature helpful content in multiple home service categories


  • V2 launched as the nation’s first website to focus on educating and informing homebuyers and homeowners, providing expert advice and product information on 18 home services


  • Private equity funding obtained
  • National e-commerce, branding and strategic marketing initiatives begin
  • features guidance and product information from home pros in 15 states


  • V3 launched. Upgrades include multiple videos, new interactive Marketplace Directory, multiple writers of Trend & Opportunity segments, new Home Idea Galleries and more
  • features hundreds of home service professionals in 18 states. The venue receives 1.6 million views weekly through Google ads alone
  • Marketing & Content Services announced. creative team provides logo design, slideshow & video production and website design & development for U.S. home pros
  • We Know Your Home Matters® Blog launched, showcasing expert advice articles from leading industry writers on all home service categories
  • and Sionic Mobile announce Strategic Alliance to deliver YourHomeSavings, the nation’s first app platform to offer consumer savings on multiple home services and discounts, eGift cards, and loyalty benefits available through more than 100k U.S. retail merchants
  • and announce Strategic Alliance to produce affordable video messages and TV ads for U.S. Realtors, home builders & home service firms, for distribution via web, social media and network media


  • Your Home Savings-Home (for home owners) and Your Home Savings–Pro (for home pros) launch as the first home service apps to offer Instant Savings on multiple home services – AND – Rewards at more than 100,000 U.S. retail locations.
  • Your Home TV launches as America’s Resource on Anything & Everything HOME. This dedicated channel offers searchable & sortable videos on all types of home products and services from across the country. Within 3 weeks of debut, Your Home TV included approximately 60 videos.