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When it comes to selecting home service providers, do a little research. We’ve identified local, regional and national companies for you to chose from, but you should read reviews, compare service fees, identify bundled service providers and look for available coupons. We welcome your feedback on all service providers listed in our directory. We will continue to monitor consumer experiences and evaluate the ongoing performance of service providers.

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If you are buying a home, building a home, renovating a home or simply making home improvements, it’s likely you will need one or more of our listed services. To save more money, look for service providers in your area that work together and offer bundled services discounts.

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Home Theater

Home Entertainment:

Where to start: Designate a quiet area of your home, where entertaining doesn’t interfere with other activities in the home. Customize your entertainment space. Plan your entertainment décor. Carefully select your choice of HD flat screen TV, then connect your superstar surround sound system, add some gaming devices, or go for the ultimate – build your own in-home theater. Whatever works for your budget and space, put some time into your research and make your entertainment area special.

The Room: Make it attractive, comfortable and ensure good acoustics and viewing are a part of your plan. Unless you have exceptional wall insulation, locate your entertainment area in a portion of the home where noise or lighting from other rooms won’t disrupt your audio & viewing. A basement, a room at one end of your home, and a room with minimal natural light is best.