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Whether you are relocating across the U.S., or buying, building or renovating a home locally, you will need one or more related home services. Review the service providers in our directory and look for companies that feature Bundled Services and Coupon icons.

These service providers will work together to expedite your project or relocation plan, improve communication between related parties, and decrease your overall costs.

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What to Look for in a Mortgage?

Navigating the mortgage process today is difficult. There are many regulations and disclosures to review and sign. Sorting through the myriad of documents can be overwhelming. You will need an experienced lender to guide you through the loan process. Work with a knowledgeable loan officer that is responsive and courteous, someone that takes the time to answer your questions and someone that lives in the community.

While rates & fees are important, working with a professional lender that knows the local market and is an expert at working through the complicated loan underwriting requirements and ever-changing rules and regulations can make all the difference in obtaining your loan approval and closing your loan on time without costly errors.

Michael J Goetz, NMLS #176788
Security National Mortgage Company, NMLS #3116

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